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Saturday, February 07, 2004

My brain is about to explode from reading so much. I have learned a lot about criminal procedure lately. I'll have to take the class next year...maybe it will be easy. I had no idea when I chose my note topic how much I would have to learn just to be able to start writing. Thank God I like this stuff or I would be really miserable.

One week until V.D. My mom always calls it that, and never stops thinking it's funny. I'm not really dreading it, unlike some single people I know. I figure most of my valentine's days with boyfriends haven't been somewhere between bad and just like any other day, so I'm not missing too much. The only somewhat depressing thing is that valentine's day was my anniversary with my ex (it would be 4 years). I will just have to put that out of my mind, just like I attempt to put other things out of my mind every single day. |
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