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Monday, February 02, 2004

My brief is printing! My brief is printing! I'm very happy right now. Now all I have to do is save it to a disk. Why can't I just turn in a CD? Saving things to disks is stupid and should be obsolete by now. But of course that means I have to do it. Which will entail going and buying a disk, emailing my brief to myself, and then saving it in the computer lab. And of course I still have to make copies. I wish my brief was longer, since somehow that seems to indicate quality, but oh well. If I was hyper motivated I think I could only make it slightly better.

Tomorrow I have to face my other paper...

I got an email today from someone I used to go to school with who transferred away. It was a very nice surprise. It makes me wonder how she knew this was me though. My guess is that someone she is still in touch with told her. As much as my identity is transparent to anyone who knows me, I haven't spoken to her in eight months, so I can't imagine she could just guess.

My brief is now done printing! I have to say, I think my formatting is absolutely beautiful. |
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