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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Okay, after initially resisting, I shall now link to Steve Podraza. He's a little bit crazy and long winded, but quite smart and interesting. I even agree with him on most things. So, check it out. And Steve, if you figure out how to link, I expect reciprocity.

I hate working at 7am. I hate being at work at 7am and not working even more. Don't waste my time. I also hate rude security guards. In case there are some courthouse security guards reading this (which I doubt), I do not mean the ones working in 373 who are very nice, I mean the ones working in the building on the south. You ruined my morning.

I am looking forward to this evening, because I am going out to dinner with the friend I ran into at the coffee shop on Monday. I feel like there is a reason I ran into her. |
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