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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Welcome to the newest Moritz Blogger! I am glad to welcome her, despite her conservative leanings...(I also think that at least a couple of our other bloggers are relatively conservative, too). She is one of the few people who I disagree with about so many things, and yet entirely believe is coming from a positive and pure place. And remarkably, there are topics we are in agreement on. Just not many. So check her out.

I had a highly unproductive day due to a computer crisis. Not a real one, but a crisis nonetheless. Somehow I managed to break the cord of my AC adaptor, causing little copper wires to break and stick out, and potentially pose a great danger should I have continued to use it. So I had to go get a new one immediately, of course. After going to Radio Shack, Target, and Best Buy, I finally found a single model at Circuit City that would work with my computer. And for only $119. :(

So a day of planned work did not materialize. Although I did get a lot of journal work done in the morning, and will do some more this evening. There's always tomorrow to work... |
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