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Monday, March 29, 2004

What would be the worst time to lose your internet connection? In the middle of doing your taxes? When you have almost finished downloading a huge file? No, it is in the middle of the 7th round of your fantasy baseball draft. When you haven't pre-ranked. Fortunately, I got back online with about 30 seconds left to make my pick. I'm fairly pleased with my team, but I'm afraid I'm overly heavy on potential, and not quite strong enough on proven talent. Picking players who had strong rookie seasons, or even worse may have strong rookie seasons this year, is pretty risky, but I'm still confident. My highest ERA is 4.51 from Freddy Garcia, and my lowest batting average (not counting the 0.000 average of rookie Bobby Crosby) is .259 from Mark Teixeira, but there was no one left for first... All I know is law school is now officially my second priority. |

Friday, March 26, 2004

Chop, chop. 8 inches, gone. I think I like my hair shorter, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Here is a random thought. This is a conversation I had last week. Me: "Have you slept with her?" Him: "That's how we met." Classic.

I studied evidence for a long time today, outlining by rule. My kind of outlining, which is really just notes that are organized in small fragments. I can do that whole I, A, 1, a thing. I get annoyed at how much white space it creates.

Tomorrow I might finally be seeing my Little Sister again. If so, I think I'll take her to the art museum where there is this hands on art project that changes every month and is related to an exhibit. I hope we get to see each other, because if it keeps taking this long in between, we will never really get to know each other. |
I'm back, and it was so hard to leave. Yesterday morning I got up early to take a walk on the beach before leaving, and it was so beautiful. And finally warm. Even though I missed the good weather, I am really glad I went. Sometimes a girl just needs to run away.

Last night when I got home I was really tired, and I went to bed around 10pm. However, I just kept lying there and thinking and the last time I looked at the clock it was after 1:30am. I don't know what the problem was. First I just was randomly thinking about things, not worrying or anything, but then when I realized how long I had been "thinking," it made me start worrying. There were three major things on my mind.

First, I kept worrying about all sorts of little random things related to school. Like how to transfer the bank account for the student organization I am president of to the new board. And how I need to first get a new board. Then I started to think about the writing assignment for evidence and that I never requested an exam number, which we were supposed to do by last Friday. Not good. And like a million other things along those lines...

Second, I am really upset about not getting on a moot court team. More than I have admitted. And I haven't been able to really talk about it with anyone either. All that stuff they said about if you do well in app ad and take the competition seriously you will get on a team was a bunch of lies. I did all that, but it didn't count for anything. This is seriously what I came to law school for. Everything else that has been disappointing was less bitter because I could think, well at least I can still do moot court. Of course it will be okay, and soon this won't matter that much, but it really feels like it matters now.

Third, dating. One of my friends said something the other day about how I don't need to be set up as much as one of her other friends because I don't need a man. My first thought was "Yes, I do." But then I thought about it more (mostly very late last night), and I realized I don't even want a man. After 10 years of being in 3 serious relationships with no breaks (but occasional diversions), I emerged much worse than I started. I am terrified to ever care about someone again because I clearly have no sense of perception about what is real. I thought that those three men loved me and, depending on the man, I was either sadly naive or completely wrong and intentionally deceived. Even last fall when I was genuinely interested in dating Brandon, but still very scared of actually doing so, I was obviously very, very mistaken about all of his actions towards me, since apparently three months of flirting was all in my imagination. So, I have no place dating. And recognizing that is a good thing, because it means I don't even have to distract myself thinking about it. For a while I have been trying very hard to just focus on school, but I have questioned whether that was healthy or not. For me, I think it is probably the healthiest thing by far.

After all that thinking, mostly I am tired. And now I have to go get my hair cut. So I'm tired, and a little scared. |

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I had a nice productive morning at Starbucks (with an ocean view). Of course, I had to find the only Starbucks at Myrtle Beach immediately upon arrival. Read some evidence, wrote some more of my independent study paper. I am killing myself writing this thing. This is the third draft. As in basically starting over for the third time draft. I have been working on this constantly since the first of the year, and I only have 11 pages to show for it (with very few footnotes, so it will get longer), which may be completely unacceptable anyway. After all this effort, I really want to have a solid paper to show for it. Preferably, I want a publishable note, but every time I'm told to start over that hope fades more.

I think now I'm going to do a little work for the professor I work for, and then maybe start writing my seminar paper. Both of those things actually sound pretty appealing. Especially if I have a drink while doing them... |

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

America's Next Top Model is.....Yoanna! I loved her and Mercedes, so either one would have made me happy. I love a happy ending, which rarely happens on reality shows. I hope Mercedes makes it though. She was beautiful and positive and strong. See, there are good things about watching a modeling reality show. |
I know I revealed my anti-Southern bias earlier, but I have to say I am loving the country American Idol tonight. I hate country music, but I have absolutely loved the singers I have heard so far. This is the best night I have heard since I started watching last season. If this is country music, I might be a convert. (I'm guessing this is not what country music purists would call country, but whatever). I don't like the redhead guy, John Stevens, though.

Now, my observations from my trip. First of all, I think the people who make the Yahoo maps and the people who make the South Carolina road signs work together and are all on crack. Yahoo lied to me and said Myrtle Beach was about 60 miles closer than it actual is, but that's okay, it was still within my 12 hour driving radius. Then, as soon as I entered South Carolina, the roads got hard to follow and simultaneously ceased to be labeled. Through good guessing, a decent sense of direction, knowing when to turn around, and pure luck I made it without too much trouble, nonetheless.

I have grown up hating the South. There are a lot of reasons someone might dislike the South, but mine are somewhat unreasonable and I recognize this. Basically, I am not over the Civil War. This is reinforced by my mother's stories of growing up in Georgia under Governor Wallace, and my general knowledge of everything that has transpired in the entire history of the South. I even extend my feelings towards the South to my picks in March Madness pools, always choosing the northern team if I have no other good basis for deciding.

To be fair, my personal experience with the South has been fairly limited. I worked in Fort Lauderdale for five months, visited my ex in Augusta, Georgia many times, visited his family in Charlotte a few times, and visited Atlanta a couple times. I completely exclude Florida (or at least south Florida) from my views of the South. I don't really like Florida, but for other reasons. Charlotte is nice, and so is Atlanta, but only to visit. Augusta is too small for me to like in any setting. So, I fully realize that I don't have a whole lot on which to base my animosity, but I feel that politics and southern accents are fully sufficient.

So, back to my trip. I was driving along, appreciating the scenery, thinking, "Wow, the south is actually kind of nice." Then, due to the questionable Yahoo directions, I decided to stop and get a map. I stopped in Austinville, Virginia, which I would have thought was still far enough north to be civilized. When I went in the gas station I could have sworn that the two men who worked there were speaking another language. Actually, it might have been a primitive version of English. I literally could not understand a single word they said to me or to each other. This was not just a matter of thick southern accents; they were completely unintelligible. And one of the men spit into a can at least three times while I was at the register. Need I say more? Then later I stopped at another gas station in North Carolina. I have a vague memory of seeing a gas pump like that once in South Dakota when I was about nine years old. Welcome to the 21st century. Fortunately I stopped for gas when I did though, because as soon as I entered South Carolina (about 7pm) every gas station I saw was closed. I can only imagine what it's like here on a Sunday.

Also, the poverty I have seen in the South (on this trip, and in the past) is just shocking. I am familiar with northern poverty, public housing, homelessness, but somehow it is just different here. Not worse necessarily, but different. The shacks, and I mean that literally, that people live in here look like something out of another era. They are rickety wooden structures, often partially burnt, or with one side falling down, or otherwise clearly a danger to live in. And they are so small that many of them could literally fit in my not very large living room. And the surrounding areas look like they are used as city dump sites. I think any politician who could effect any substantial change down here could take over the world (in a good way).

So, in summary, we should have let the South secede when we had the chance, the poverty here is depressing, and I hate southern accents.
I'm at the beach! I'm at the beach! Right now I am sitting on my balcony looking at the ocean, which is about 50 feet away. I can't see anything else in any direction, except for the few children playing, and quite a few old people walking in the sand. And some birds. This was definitely worth the drive.

I have had some thought on the South during my drive and since I've been here, but I will wait to share those, while I figure out how to say them in a not too offensive way.

Now, I need to force myself to get my evidence book, and Rules of course, and start really studying. This trip was not just for fun. I intend to accomplish a lot in the next two days to compensate for the two days in the car. Studying with an ocean view can't be all bad. |

Monday, March 22, 2004

On my way to Myrtle Beach... |

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Spring Break! Part 2!
I am now waiting for a call tomorrow morning to find out if I can rent a condo in Emerald Isle, NC for the remainder of the week. It is only like 650 miles, and pretty cheap since it's off-season. I think that relaxing in a nice clean condo with a view of the ocean could make me feel much better about life in general. And I would get a lot of work done, since there would be no distrations. It is somewhat warmer there, too. I may have to postpone my haircut though. Speaking of which, for those of you who know me - how short should I go? All advice is appreciated, although I reserve the right to ignore it all.

I read some cases today. I will read some more tomorrow, and then I will try to start writing my seminar paper. I am so dedicated. |

Friday, March 19, 2004

What is the point of posting if it doesn't post?? Even now, I am writing this knowing it may be hours or even days before this posts. This makes me cranky. |
Spring Break!
What am I doing for spring break? Right now, nothing. Just working on my two papers and getting ready for exams. I really want to escape though. I have been debating driving to Florida to see a couple of Indians spring training games. Would that be crazy? Yeah, I guess so, but I'm feeling a little more spontaneous than normal. And Winter Haven is relatively close to the Gulf, so maybe I could even get to the beach. I'll see how much work I get done this weekend, because driving 1,000 miles (x2) would severely cut into the time I could work, even if I do intend to work while I'm gone. We'll see... |
Hope for the Future

The schedule of classes for next year came out today, so at the moment I am filled with hope and anticipation. I have always found scheduling so exciting, although I always end up disappointed later. Still, there is always that potential for the next semester to be amazing. At OSU we schedule for the entire following year at one time, so I have lots of decisions to make in the next couple of weeks. I got great scheduling advice this summer, so I'm asking for advice again.

Does anyone at OSU (or elsewhere with similar programs) have any insight into whether it is realistic to try to do a judicial externship at the same time as a practicum (specifically the criminal prosecution practicum)?

How much does it matter who you take trial practice with? In particular, any thoughts on Marbley?

Are there any classes or professors I just have to take/not take?

Right now, my hoped for classes are:
Fall - Judicial externship, prosecution practicum (see post from 3/5/04 about the hot professor), law of cyberspace with the always fabulous Swire, and criminal procedure - adjudication.
Spring - Sales with Travalio (most challenging professor I've had - in a good way), telecommunications law with Shane (another favorite), white collar crime, legal profession, and the above mentioned trial practice.
Additionally, I'll be on the exec board for journal, so that will take up my time and give me credit, too. |

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I just made an appointment to get my hair cut next Friday. If I can't change/fix anything else in my life, at least I can cut off my hair. |

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It feels like every day is longer than the last...

I have spent the last three days working on a journal assignment non-stop. I was supposed to go wedding dress shopping with my sister yesterday, but had to cancel on her because I had so much school work to do, but thanks to getting this last minute, ridiculously long journal assignment, I haven't even gotten to that school work all weekend. I have never felt so far behind, and ironically, I've never worked so hard before. I don't know how I will ever get everything done...

The only break over the weekend was the Destroyers game Saturday night. I can't say I have become a fan of arena football, but it was definitely a great night. |

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I didn't quit. I decided to try to last five more weeks by only working two mornings a week. Then I will be able to leave for the summer, and I won't be a quitter. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday was a fairly good day. I got good news at school. Then I went to an Inns of Court meeting where I was a mock juror for a voir dire demonstration. That was really interesting. I love that kind of thing. Then I went out with my cousin, since it was her last night in town. I was really glad to finally get to spend some time with her alone without all of the rest of the family.

Today was Judges Day and I spent the entire day assisting with registration, ushering people around the school, and passing out CLE cards. It was really fun because I got to sit in on parts of the presentations by John Altenburg and Colleen Rowley. Plus I got a pretty good lunch (and really good dessert) out of it. For some reason this made for an exhausting day. I came home and slept until half an hour ago (when my alarm went off so I could watch Friends). I need more sleep... |

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I think I am going to quit my job tomorrow. But I'm not sure. And I'm a wuss. I was so excited when I got this job. Actually, looking back, I wasn't that thrilled, but I was certainly optimistic. These are the reasons I want to quit:
1. I am not learning anything (or not much, I realize there are always opportunities to learn)
2. I don't foresee myself learning any more by staying
3. I am so, so, so bored
4. I am so, so, so tired
5. I really need to focus on school work
6. I have another job lined up for the summer, so I'm not dependant on this one
7. Having so much more free time would allow me to do so many more things next year in school

I truly feel like I will be so much happier if I quit, but it is so hard for me to go through with it. I don't want to make anyone mad or let anyone down.

On to frivolous things... America's Next Top Model is cheating me by showing a "look back" episode. SVU is a rerun tonight too. At least there were good performances on American Idol. If I was motivated, I would vote for Jennifer Hudson, and then for Suzy or Leah. |

Sunday, March 07, 2004

My cousin has been visiting since Friday night which has been great. Except it has meant a little bit too much time with certain other family members. Still, it has been a really fun weekend of movies, drinking, talking about boys, shopping, and other girly sorts of stuff.

Unfortunately, I have made no progress on my paper. I got all of my other homework done, but just couldn't face starting over. Of course I still have to, but I just wasn't ready to this weekend. Tomorrow, maybe.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow! Don't make me! At least it should be a short day... |

Friday, March 05, 2004

It's finally Friday. This has been an unbelievably long week. I don't know why I'm whining, since it hasn't really been a bad week. Tuesday I had the day off work because I was going to the luncheon with Antony Duff. Missing work was great, and listening to him speak was even better. Wednesday I found out that once again, I basically have to start over on my independent study paper. Then Wednesday evening I went to my friend's house and had way too much wine. And that pretty much took care of how Thursday went as well. So now I'm exhausted, but fortunately my afternoon class is cancelled so I can come home and relax later. And clean.

Also, last night was our public interest law foundation auction which funds summer fellowships for public interest work. It's a really fun event. There are all sorts of silent auction items, but the fun part is when the professors act as auctioneers and auction off dinners with professors, sports tickets, a week at the Moritz condo, and other fun stuff. (It is not fun at all when the professional auctioneer is on the stage, because he acts like a real auctioneer. He talks so fast that you can't understand him and potentially get tricked into bidding more than you want - often because he starts the bidding higher than the stated opening bid or jumps at irregular intervals to confuse you. Almost everyone bidding are law students, with limited amounts to spend, and when we make the choice to bid what for us is a relatively high amount, we do not need some auctioneer trying to trick us. In his words from last night, "You can never trust an auctioneer." I just think that goes against the spirit of this particular auction) But back to what I was saying, last year I was so disappointed that I didn't "win" anything, so this year I was determined. So what did I win you ask? The opportunity for me and two friends to attend a Destroyers game with our evidence professor. Seeing as I don't know what the Destroyers are (the best I could figure out is that they play football indoors on a small field), why would I want this prize? Because he should have fascinating stories to tell about being a prosecutor in New York, about writing (he has apparently written at least one novel), and he is hot. And yes, I know he (of his wife) might be reading this...but I only mean that in the nicest, studently way. |

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So, Edwards is out. I am quite please that Kerry should get the nomination, because he has been my favorite from the very beginning. All along I have thought that he had more consistently liberal views than anyone else (who stood any chance), and the strongest experience. Edwards is sexy for a politician, but that's not enough. Obviously he is more charismatic than Kerry, but that's what image consultants are for. I think we can win this election. I have never seen the kind of passion that I see against Bush. Under normal circumstances I would worry that it is a bad tactic to be motivated against someone, rather than rallying behind a beloved candidate, but I really believe this year it might be enough. America is ready for a real president. |