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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I had a nice productive morning at Starbucks (with an ocean view). Of course, I had to find the only Starbucks at Myrtle Beach immediately upon arrival. Read some evidence, wrote some more of my independent study paper. I am killing myself writing this thing. This is the third draft. As in basically starting over for the third time draft. I have been working on this constantly since the first of the year, and I only have 11 pages to show for it (with very few footnotes, so it will get longer), which may be completely unacceptable anyway. After all this effort, I really want to have a solid paper to show for it. Preferably, I want a publishable note, but every time I'm told to start over that hope fades more.

I think now I'm going to do a little work for the professor I work for, and then maybe start writing my seminar paper. Both of those things actually sound pretty appealing. Especially if I have a drink while doing them... |
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