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Friday, March 05, 2004

It's finally Friday. This has been an unbelievably long week. I don't know why I'm whining, since it hasn't really been a bad week. Tuesday I had the day off work because I was going to the luncheon with Antony Duff. Missing work was great, and listening to him speak was even better. Wednesday I found out that once again, I basically have to start over on my independent study paper. Then Wednesday evening I went to my friend's house and had way too much wine. And that pretty much took care of how Thursday went as well. So now I'm exhausted, but fortunately my afternoon class is cancelled so I can come home and relax later. And clean.

Also, last night was our public interest law foundation auction which funds summer fellowships for public interest work. It's a really fun event. There are all sorts of silent auction items, but the fun part is when the professors act as auctioneers and auction off dinners with professors, sports tickets, a week at the Moritz condo, and other fun stuff. (It is not fun at all when the professional auctioneer is on the stage, because he acts like a real auctioneer. He talks so fast that you can't understand him and potentially get tricked into bidding more than you want - often because he starts the bidding higher than the stated opening bid or jumps at irregular intervals to confuse you. Almost everyone bidding are law students, with limited amounts to spend, and when we make the choice to bid what for us is a relatively high amount, we do not need some auctioneer trying to trick us. In his words from last night, "You can never trust an auctioneer." I just think that goes against the spirit of this particular auction) But back to what I was saying, last year I was so disappointed that I didn't "win" anything, so this year I was determined. So what did I win you ask? The opportunity for me and two friends to attend a Destroyers game with our evidence professor. Seeing as I don't know what the Destroyers are (the best I could figure out is that they play football indoors on a small field), why would I want this prize? Because he should have fascinating stories to tell about being a prosecutor in New York, about writing (he has apparently written at least one novel), and he is hot. And yes, I know he (of his wife) might be reading this...but I only mean that in the nicest, studently way. |
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