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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Spring Break! Part 2!
I am now waiting for a call tomorrow morning to find out if I can rent a condo in Emerald Isle, NC for the remainder of the week. It is only like 650 miles, and pretty cheap since it's off-season. I think that relaxing in a nice clean condo with a view of the ocean could make me feel much better about life in general. And I would get a lot of work done, since there would be no distrations. It is somewhat warmer there, too. I may have to postpone my haircut though. Speaking of which, for those of you who know me - how short should I go? All advice is appreciated, although I reserve the right to ignore it all.

I read some cases today. I will read some more tomorrow, and then I will try to start writing my seminar paper. I am so dedicated. |
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