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Monday, March 29, 2004

What would be the worst time to lose your internet connection? In the middle of doing your taxes? When you have almost finished downloading a huge file? No, it is in the middle of the 7th round of your fantasy baseball draft. When you haven't pre-ranked. Fortunately, I got back online with about 30 seconds left to make my pick. I'm fairly pleased with my team, but I'm afraid I'm overly heavy on potential, and not quite strong enough on proven talent. Picking players who had strong rookie seasons, or even worse may have strong rookie seasons this year, is pretty risky, but I'm still confident. My highest ERA is 4.51 from Freddy Garcia, and my lowest batting average (not counting the 0.000 average of rookie Bobby Crosby) is .259 from Mark Teixeira, but there was no one left for first... All I know is law school is now officially my second priority. |
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