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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Employment law is done. Thank God. If I had 8-10 hours I could have given cursory treatment to all of the issues in the three questions. That was not the case. It felt like I did okay, but everyone in that class seems so smart, and how I feel afterwards never relates to how I actually did anyway. Oh well, moving on.

Now, just my papers remain. The one that has been haunting me since January is coming along. Slowly. I think all the criticism has paralyzed me. I know it has made me afraid to turn in drafts. I worked on my seminar paper some this evening, and I have 8 pages, so I am pleased. I think I can definitely have it done by the time I start work on Monday. I'm glad that next year I won't have any papers at the end of the year, because I think that would be really hard just before graduation.

And in good news, I got into the prosecution practicum! I'm happy. |
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