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Friday, April 23, 2004

I am relieved that my evidence exam is behind me and I am determined not to think about it now that it is beyond my control. I was fairly prepared, but could have used a lot more time on the first half. Whatever. It's over. Now the countdown to employment law begins. I have this feeling it could be my hardest exam of law school, so I better be ready. I love it that computer users have to turn their exams in at the same time as handwriters - it evens out the time advantage some.

I realized today that there is one thing I miss about being a 1L: having sections. Even if we weren't always the closest friends, being in a section together meant that we had a shared experience. And that meant that after every exam there were people with shared pain to unwind with. Now, our exams are at all different times, we're all dispersed, everything is different. There were people I could have gone out with tonight, but somehow it just didn't feel right. I went into the exam alone and I came out alone. At least now I'll get to bed at a reasonable time so I can get up and study more... |
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