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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I have no will power. I am already hooked on the new Bachelor. Even though I can already see that it isn't going to disappoint me as well. It got me thinking about what it would be like to date a professional athlete. If it was a professional baseball player it would be awesome because I would get to go to lots of games. That would be the biggest perk. I wouldn't really care about how much money he made, because I am quite confident that somehow money always takes care of itself, so that is the last thing to think about. Now, if it was any sport other than baseball, I'm not so sure what I would think. I wouldn't want to watch a million soccer games. I wonder if wives are realistically able to travel with their athlete husbands. Because I would not be willing to sit at home alone all the time. It would be weird not to be able to really have a career, but that would be better than not being able to be with my husband. Okay, I am thinking about this a little too much since I will never meet, let alone date or marry a professional athlete. Back to reality... |
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