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Thursday, April 08, 2004

I just watched The World Premiere of the Spiderman 2 Trailer. It really didn't grab me, but maybe that's just because I'm not into the whole superhero thing. It seemed like they just kept saying things like, "There are things bigger than you and me" over and over. I'll probably only see it if some friend of mine really wants to and talks me into it.

I got some law school validation tonight, which was desperately needed. Not that I have any less stress now, but the small things will have to sustain me. I'm actually half way smiling, which is a major accomplishment lately.

I also had my very last SBA meeting today, which was a wonderful relief. Now I'm feeling tempted to be on some committee, but hopefully I will have enough sense to resist that feeling. If I start to write a letter of interest I just need to remember the very loud debates about issues that no one genuinely wants to resolve, and that we also have no power to resolve. Although I have to say we had an extremely productive meeting today resolving the extraordinarily important issue of precisely what should be printed on the three page (plus instructions, and one duplicate page) application for student groups to request funding from SBA. Honestly, I am glad we clarified the procedure and the factors to consider, because we had basically turned into the pizza party fund. It's just kind of ironic that this was probably our most productive act of the year.

Oh, and based on the first few days of the season, I am really pleased with Scott Podsednik. He was 4 for 5 tonight with a stolen base; I'll take that any day. I really need a pitcher who gets some Ks though. |
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