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Monday, April 12, 2004

Today is the journal open house. I promised to hang out in the office the whole time, so I hope people actually come. I remember going around to all the journals last year. The main question anyone asked was how many hours per week would be required, which of course now we all realize is a question that cannot be answered, even though last year we all thought they were being evasive. Last year I started in the criminal law journal office (it's first when you walk down the hall). They were very friendly and informal and seemed really excited about being part of their journal. Then I went to JDR where they were still fairly friendly, but seemed obsessed with convincing everyone that it was still beneficial to join JDR even if we weren't interested in dispute resolution. And lastly, I visited the Law Journal office. There, the atmosphere shifted, the conversation became formal, people were wearing suits, and the misery that you hear about could be felt closing in on you from all sides. My battle to choose journals last summer was stressful, but looking back, I could tell where I would be happiest from my 15 minute tour of the journals last spring. I hope the 1Ls today ask more questions than how many hours they will have to work, because there are so many other factors that are more important. And a year from now they will realize that. |
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