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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tonight I had the honor of listening to Marc Mauer of the Sentencing Project present this year's Reckless Lecture at the faculty club. He spoke about the current state of prisons, and the effect of the prison situation on offenders, on their families and communities, and on the larger society. The lecture itself was nothing all that new, but the message is very important. Unfortunately I would guess that most of the people listening already recognize the problems and for the most part agree with Mr. Mauer. Too bad the Ohio General Assembly wasn't present. I am surprised more attention isn't devoted to the collateral consequences of conviction. Last fall I did some research and discovered just how many jobs ex-felons are either partially or entirely barred from holding in Ohio. And in doing that research I found, unsurprisingly, that study after study finds that meaningful employment is the single greatest factor in preventing recidivism. The most frustrating thing about being excited by criminal justice policy issues is that no one seems to care about logic, let alone justice or mercy. |
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