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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Disclaimer: What I am now writing is done under the influence of four (maybe five) heinekens. It will be slightly random, and possibly error prone. I have now sent three emails regarding the Nightline preemption. Like they care. I still subscribe to the theory that every email/letter/phone call they get tells them that some greater number of people care, so maybe it matters that I make the effort. Probably not. I went out tonight to gallery hop with a friend. I saw state representative Dan Stewart while I was out. Seeing him made me happy because it made me think of you know who. I am such a loser. I made some progress today on my seminar paper. I think it will be long enough and relatively good if I expand on my innocence jurisprudence section (one sentence about each of several major cases probably is not sufficient) and if I actually put in citations where needed. I did not work on my other paper today, but that is coming along quite well. Four months is all it takes to have a decent first draft. I could be a writer, sure. When I was in high school I used to say I wanted to be an essayist. Yeah that was possible. Because it is still the 1800s and I can write. Somehow I did not get dinner today. A girl who shared a table with us had calamari that looked good. I should go to bed so I can get up and work on my paper. Or maybe I should just go to bed so that I can lay in bed and listen to the rain and be relatively peaceful. That sounds good. |
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