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Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am currently experiencing the blissful feeling of a girl who has just had a very successful shopping trip. Buying a few nice things can really do wonders for the spirit. As long as it's under control, shopping is great medicine. The craziest person I ever saw shopping was my ex. When he was upset, nothing could console him like a trip to Best Buy or almost anywhere else that sells DVDs. When we got there he would almost lose control and go tearing up and down the aisles grabbing DVDs off the shelves, barely caring what they were, and not even remembering if he already owned them. When we were safely back in the car, I would unwrap them for him, and he would finally be calm and happy again. Remembering that image of him, I know I will never have a real problem using shopping to make myself feel better.

Work is still good. Really good. I have no complaints at all. I still like everyone. I still like the work. I do not like certain areas of law, however. But that's okay, and I would rather do things that I find uninteresting but at least have variety. Oh wait, I have one kind of half complaint. You know how at some firms it is practically a competition to see who can book the summer associates for lunch first? Well, I just want someone to eat lunch with in the break room. If someone were to suggest going to get lunch together (not even on the company), I would be ecstatic. I suspect most of the attorneys either don't eat lunch or eat at their desks, but it is seriously depressing when I make the effort to get to know people by eating in the break room and there is no one else there. But I'm happy there anyway. |
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