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Friday, May 07, 2004

I survived. I survived exams and my papers and my first week of work. And I am so tired, but beginning to recover.

I really like my summer job so far. I have gotten a whole bunch of assignments already about all different topics. Nothing that interesting yet, but also not too boring. Everyone seems friendly too, although not especially outgoing-friendly. One woman who I think is a relatively new associate has stopped by my office a couple times to make sure that I am doing okay, which is nice. It makes me feel guilty that I don't know her name. So far I have absolutely no complaints. If I did after a week, there might be a problem, but I am very content right now.

One benefit of working downtown is that there is a (slight) possibility of running into Brandon. Yes, I know I should be over this crush by now. But I'm not, and I'm okay with that. |
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