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Thursday, May 13, 2004

This morning someone posted a comment that I should be more careful talking about my possible future place of employment. I think I am appropriately careful in what I say. There are plenty of people at school who know who I am, and I am fine with that. If anyone who knows me relatively well comes across this blog, I realize they will know it's me. Right now I doubt that anyone from work knows me well enough to even come close to figuring it out, but that could obviously change. I definitely self-censor, sometimes more than I want to. But what I do post, I am okay with people reading. Some of it could be mildly embarrassing, just because it's a little awkward when someone suddenly knows way more about you than you've told them. But beyond that, I haven't written anything that I'm not okay with my employer or anyone else reading. If the things I write (which are incredibly innocuous and kind of boring) turn anyone against me, then they are the wrong employer or the wrong person to have in my life. |
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