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Friday, June 18, 2004

I have made it to the end of the longest week ever. Class in the morning, followed by work, followed by class again until 9pm was truly exhausting. Next week won't be substantially better because work all day is at least as tiring as the class/work combo, and the night class isn't over yet. But no more homework, which should help. All I want to do now is sleep, but knowing that Party of Five is on in 10 minutes, I just can't.

I decided that I think summer has a negative impact on law student blogging. People are going on honeymoons, they are graduating, and just generally everyone is posting less and the posts are becoming less interesting. I include myself in this assessment. Come on, people! Summer is the time for adventures. It's the time for summer flings or spontaneous road trips. At least give me more funny clerking stories.

I have a bit of a dilemma. I need a date one month from today. For my sister's wedding. Since I have officially given up dating, there are no real prospects. There is one person I could probably ask, but I feel awkward about it. I shouldn't since I don't even like him romantically, but I do. So if you know anyone who is at least 5'10" and wants to go to a somewhat non-traditional wedding, let me know. |
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