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Sunday, June 06, 2004

I just wrote an email that was so revealing of my innermost feelings that I still feel vulnerable and emotional about it. And no, it was not to a guy. It was just me opening myself up to a friend and being honest about what I have been experiencing lately. For me, it is hard being friends with law school people (and people in general) on a completely honest level, because I always feel like they are too wrapped up in their own lives to care about mine. I realize that is my own issue and intellectually I know that my closest friends at school are quite the opposite. Sometimes it just seems like everyone else is going through so many crises that I don't want to burden them with mine. But this morning I went to church, and it was one of those days when the message felt like it was directed only to me. It was about the need to confess everything that is wrong in your life, even the littlest things, to people you trust in order to deal with it and be free from it. It was also about confession of traditional "sin" and confession to God, but it was the need to be emotionally honest with those people who are close to you that really touched me. So, to my friends who I know read this, I am sorry for not always being completely open with you. I have been experiencing a lot of things that I should have been talking about with you. I am just scared and insecure, but I know I should trust you, and I will try to do so more in the future. Look, I just confessed to all of cyberspace! |
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