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Friday, June 25, 2004

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

I just got back from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was outstanding. I didn't know what to expect because my general opinion is that Michael Moore is fairly crazy. Plus I don't generally like documentaries, because I dislike movies without plots. I was worried that the film would be over the top and more propaganda than documentary and that the people in the audience would be screaming and making a scene. I was totally wrong, except the audience did clap a lot. (I don't clap at movies; the actors are not there)

The two most impressive aspects of the movie were how it dealt with September 11th and how it dealt with the soldiers. The way Moore addressed the actual terrorist attacks was the most tasteful, powerful coverage I have seen. Rather than showing a single shot of the towers or any gruesome shots at all, he used sound and image to remind us all of what it was like without crossing any lines. He also showed remarkable respect for the sacrifices made by soldiers and other enlisted people. He interviewed them and their families and really portrayed military service as a noble choice. He managed to do this while also focusing on the disproportionate number of lower class people who enlist and highlighting the futility of the ongoing deaths.

The other thing I really liked was just how informative the movie was. I read the paper and try to stay informed, but this movie really helped bring together a lot of the fragments of information I have taken in over the last few years. How anyone who is literate can support Bush is beyond me. It was a great movie. With a great soundtrack. I hope he doesn't have to make a sequel. |
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