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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Legacy of a President...

I tried to restrain myself, but when even Chris is honoring Reagan, I just can't stay silent. I was born shortly after Carter was elected, but the first president I remember is Reagan. I was 12 when he left office, so I don't remember him that well, but some aspects of his presidency are indelibly imprinted on my memory. I vividly remember sitting with my parents watching the Iran-Contra hearings. I remember a president who thought that he was outside the law; that the Constitution did not apply to him. I remember when he nominated Robert Bork for the Supreme Court - a man who also found his own ways to manipulate and warp the Constitution. I remember reaganomics, and the propaganda of an administration that was increasing the gap between rich and poor every day. This is the legacy of the president who has recently died. I do not celebrate his death, because I am sure his family is grieving. However, I do not personally grieve for his death. I grieve for the legacy he left America. |
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