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Thursday, July 29, 2004

I really enjoyed Kerry's speech.  It could have been better, but I thought he was quite strong.  I know some people probably would have liked more specific talk about his policy goals, but not me.  At this point, I know who I am going to vote for.  So does virtually everyone else.  So I am more than happy to be inspired.  I like some decent rhetoric.  I think Kerry touched on most of the important issues and did so in a fairly effective way.  He made it clear that he knows what matters to people and that he understands the issues.  And people responded to him.  There was definitely a level of excitement that is encouraging.  I am looking forward to the excitement and urgency building over the next few months.
I officially have a job for the school year.  My firm had been hinting at it for quite some time, but they finally made it official today.  I am excited about it.  I really like the firm, and I think this is a good sign regarding permanent employment (which they promise to decide about in the next month or so).  I also will like having money during the school year.  And I will like continuing to get more experience.  They have shown that they will let me do as much as I show I am capable of, so it is a great place to learn.  The only thing I won't like is having less free time.  I need my sleep and 90210!  But I have a nice open schedule, so I think it will be quite manageable.  Now I am just eager to get back to school and start my new classes.  In particular I am looking forward to the prosecution practicum and my externship, but I am excited about everything.  I am only taking classes and professors I want to take this year, so it should range from tolerable to great.


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Once again I should be sleeping, but the convention has sucked me in.  Am I weird that these speeches bring me to tears?  I also cry at the end of the World Series, so maybe it's just me.  Actually, I regularly cry (or more accurately, tear up) when I read my casebooks or other law related books.  There is almost nothing as sad as some of the legal and political actions of the past and present.  And there is almost nothing as exciting and inspirational as attempting to protect our country from ongoing political corruption and decay. 

Edwards is soooo cute. That's all I have to say about that.

Friday is golf day.  I'm getting nervous.  I think I have my clothes picked out.  I figure that's the only part I can control.  If anyone ever wants to go to the driving range, let me know.  I get scared to go alone.  Also, all advice to look less stupid this Friday is appreciated.


Monday, July 26, 2004

Send John Kerry!
I should be asleep right now because I have a meeting ridiculously early in the morning, but Clinton is so awesome that I can't make myself turn the television off.  I've always thought Clinton was a good speaker, as most people agree, but this was just remarkable.  I am so glad that Kerry is the candidate.  This is going to be an exciting fall.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I said I was going to write more.  I lied.  I am still recovering.  I intend for this weekend to be very relaxing.  Except for the tons of work I have to do.  I guess as long as I'm at the coffee shop I don't mind too much.  I have to do so much before Monday morning.  At least it is mostly motions, which I enjoy.  I am about to go look at apartments now.  I am so excited to move.  If anyone has an apartment for rent in Grandview, let me know.  I would like to comment right now that I am mad at Blogger again.  They have added new features to the post page, but I am currently unable to create a new paragraph.  That would seem to be important.  Okay, I could easily edit in html and fix the problem, but I shouldn't have to.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Now that my sister is officially non-legally married, I can attempt to regain my sanity again. The last few weeks, and especially the last few days, have been truly crazy and exhausting, but very good. It was wonderful to see so much family over the weekend and to see my sister so happy. It was also pretty fun to end up with two dates! I still don't believe in dating, but I had a fun weekend. If one of them wasn't leaving the country in a month, I might even possibly, but probably not, reconsider my aversion.

Work has been equally insane lately. Still enjoying it, but I really need a couple days to rest. I hate not giving 100%, but I don't have the physical ability to do so. Tomorrow I'm going to depositions all day on the case I've been working on since my first day, so that should be a nice change, and I won't actually have to do anything.

I have more thoughts, but not yet the energy to write them. Sometime soon I will attempt to say something intelligent and law student-y sounding. |

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dear UPS,
Please deliver my package. Please notice that the sender has not requested a signature. Please notice that the package feels remarkably like books and not at all like expensive electronics. Please realize that people who work are not home during the day. Please realize that if people who work are not home during the day, that means they cannot go to the rental office that closes at 6:00, so please do not deliver the package there. Please do not think that if the sender who paid for postage, and the receiver who paid for the product think you should deliver the package without a signature, that you should exercise your own discretion and refuse to deliver the package. Please do not say you are sorry when I call. Please tell me you will deliver my package. Please do not tell me it is your policy to let the drivers do whatever they want. If that is really your policy, please change it. Please, please deliver my package.

A future FedEx and USPS customer |

Sunday, July 11, 2004

I love Celebrity Poker Showdown! I should be sleeping right now, but I cannot make myself turn it off. I love it. PLUS, Jennie Garth is playing. Anything that is tangentially connected to 90210 sucks me in, so I am doubly addicted tonight. I love it! I really, really want to start playing poker. Last year I thought it would be fun to play with a bunch of girls, but I couldn't talk anyone into it. It would be so fun, we could drink girly drinks, and lose money back and forth each week. Come on...you know you want to. And even better, I could occasionally play with guys. I love doing guy stuff, but being girly about it. Like playing pool. Or watching baseball. But I only do stuff I really enjoy - no NASCAR or anything like that. Awwww....Jennie just lost. I should have been focusing.

By the way, is it really embarrassing that going to the driving range makes me really sore? Does that mean I'm doing something wrong? |

Saturday, July 10, 2004

I hate ERISA. That is my newest revelation at work. Just because I am familiar with HIPAA does not mean I should have to do the ERISA work too. I hate it! But I bet that in a week I will just be beginning to understand it and I will actually kind of like it. But nothing is going to make me like law that deals with deeds and liens and that kind of stuff.

Even as I write this it makes me miss criminal law. How do I decide between civil and criminal? Is it just a question of where I have an offer? Should I be practical? So far I really enjoy everything I am doing relating to litigation, so I'm not worried that I wouldn't like it. There is just this irresistible pull towards criminal law. And yet, I don't know if I'm cut out for that anyway. That is part of my dilemma. Assuming I chose to go into criminal law, and actually got a job, what if I couldn't handle it? What if it is too hard to always lose? What if I'm not okay with everyone always asking me how I can do it? What if I can't take only dealing with people who are unhappy and angry and never say thank you? Considering I like litigation and think I could be happy doing that, it leads me to conclude that it is the right choice. Criminal law really seems like one of those things you shouldn't do if you can see yourself doing anything else. But, maybe it is also something that if you can see yourself doing it, you almost have an obligation to do so. I mean, how can I walk away from that sort of opportunity to serve society? By being sensible, by doing something I will enjoy, by doing something that will admittedly pay more... If I get an offer from the firm I am at this summer, that will make everything simple. I really, really like it there and would happily accept. But if I don't, then I guess I will just see what sort of opportunities are available. I only need to really stress about this if I have multiple offers. It is really a philosophical debate within myself, not a really dilemma. Maybe I can just do civil litigation and study criminal law for fun. |

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Happy anniversary (or something) to me. I've made it one year without speaking to my crazy ex. That is a truly wonderful thing. I still cannot walk down the aisles of Target without checking to see if I might run into him, and I've only ventured into Best Buy twice in that time, but for the most part I am free of him. What I went through with him affects me every day in a variety of ways, but today I am truly celebrating breaking free of him and that I am stronger than I thought. |

Monday, July 05, 2004

Dear Columbus Dispatch:
Please deliver my paper. Please deliver it every single day. Please don't skip every other Wednesday and the first Sunday of each month. Please do not deliver it more than once per day though. When you deliver a second paper in the afternoon, it makes it look like I'm out of town. Please do not force a hole into the plastic bag and then force the plastic bag onto my doorknob. When you do that, sometimes the bag rips before I open my door in the morning, and when it doesn't, the hole you have torn makes it difficult for me to remove my paper without mangling it. When I call to ask why I haven't gotten my paper, again, please don't tell me this is a very unusual occurrence. It's not, and I don't like it when you lie to me. When you have a supervisor call me, please tell him why he is calling me and tell him that good customer service requires that he apologize, even though he's not the delivery person. Please fire my delivery person so that he can get a job that he is good at. And please deliver my paper.

Your loyal reader, until there is another local paper |

Friday, July 02, 2004

Guess who emailed me today??? It wasn't really a big deal, but to me it was. He was thinking about me! Okay, moving on...

Things are feeling a little more under control at work. I still have way more projects than any individual should at one time, but it is somewhat manageable now. I will of course be working this weekend, but that's okay. I don't have to actually go in, so I don't really mind. And Tuesday I get to go to a trial, so I am looking forward to that.

I briefly contemplated going to Red, White, and Boom tonight. Then I realized I'm not crazy. I am not a fan of that about to be crushed feeling. I think I'll go shopping, maybe work on my paper some, maybe go have drinks with friends. It is awesome to be off work early, so I'm happy no matter what I end up doing. |

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Welcome to the newest soon to be Moritz blogger. |