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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dear UPS,
Please deliver my package. Please notice that the sender has not requested a signature. Please notice that the package feels remarkably like books and not at all like expensive electronics. Please realize that people who work are not home during the day. Please realize that if people who work are not home during the day, that means they cannot go to the rental office that closes at 6:00, so please do not deliver the package there. Please do not think that if the sender who paid for postage, and the receiver who paid for the product think you should deliver the package without a signature, that you should exercise your own discretion and refuse to deliver the package. Please do not say you are sorry when I call. Please tell me you will deliver my package. Please do not tell me it is your policy to let the drivers do whatever they want. If that is really your policy, please change it. Please, please deliver my package.

A future FedEx and USPS customer |
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