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Saturday, July 10, 2004

I hate ERISA. That is my newest revelation at work. Just because I am familiar with HIPAA does not mean I should have to do the ERISA work too. I hate it! But I bet that in a week I will just be beginning to understand it and I will actually kind of like it. But nothing is going to make me like law that deals with deeds and liens and that kind of stuff.

Even as I write this it makes me miss criminal law. How do I decide between civil and criminal? Is it just a question of where I have an offer? Should I be practical? So far I really enjoy everything I am doing relating to litigation, so I'm not worried that I wouldn't like it. There is just this irresistible pull towards criminal law. And yet, I don't know if I'm cut out for that anyway. That is part of my dilemma. Assuming I chose to go into criminal law, and actually got a job, what if I couldn't handle it? What if it is too hard to always lose? What if I'm not okay with everyone always asking me how I can do it? What if I can't take only dealing with people who are unhappy and angry and never say thank you? Considering I like litigation and think I could be happy doing that, it leads me to conclude that it is the right choice. Criminal law really seems like one of those things you shouldn't do if you can see yourself doing anything else. But, maybe it is also something that if you can see yourself doing it, you almost have an obligation to do so. I mean, how can I walk away from that sort of opportunity to serve society? By being sensible, by doing something I will enjoy, by doing something that will admittedly pay more... If I get an offer from the firm I am at this summer, that will make everything simple. I really, really like it there and would happily accept. But if I don't, then I guess I will just see what sort of opportunities are available. I only need to really stress about this if I have multiple offers. It is really a philosophical debate within myself, not a really dilemma. Maybe I can just do civil litigation and study criminal law for fun. |
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