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Monday, July 19, 2004

Now that my sister is officially non-legally married, I can attempt to regain my sanity again. The last few weeks, and especially the last few days, have been truly crazy and exhausting, but very good. It was wonderful to see so much family over the weekend and to see my sister so happy. It was also pretty fun to end up with two dates! I still don't believe in dating, but I had a fun weekend. If one of them wasn't leaving the country in a month, I might even possibly, but probably not, reconsider my aversion.

Work has been equally insane lately. Still enjoying it, but I really need a couple days to rest. I hate not giving 100%, but I don't have the physical ability to do so. Tomorrow I'm going to depositions all day on the case I've been working on since my first day, so that should be a nice change, and I won't actually have to do anything.

I have more thoughts, but not yet the energy to write them. Sometime soon I will attempt to say something intelligent and law student-y sounding. |
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