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Saturday, August 28, 2004

It has been a busy week. Or two, or three. I am finally completely moved into my new place, and will be celebrating tonight with a party. I hope the rain doesn't keep people away. At least my parents will come.

Finally, I am starting to feel settled into a manageable routine. School is certainly not going to be overly stressful this semester, I now have set hours at my job, and my externship seems like it is going to be great. (I loved it my first day! I am so glad I decided to do it.) Now that I no longer have to spend all my free time moving and unpacking I can actually enjoy myself and relax. Remarkably, that might even mean a little pleasure reading. And hopefully a couple trips to visit friends out of town in the next couple of months.

Okay, I am looking outside, and I would not go to a party in that weather. 60 beers and 9 bottles of wine is going to be a lot for me to drink alone.
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