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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Most importantly, Chris, I am ready for you to help me find my missing permalinks...please.

I am feeling so overwhelmed. I just want to hide. And I don't entirely know why I'm feeling this way. Okay, maybe I do. I am moving this week which is always a big project. A big, tiring, I can't lift my arms anymore project. And of course school started yesterday, although I am not yet consciously feeling any stress about that. The main problem is work. I have so many projects and not enough time to do them. This is only a problem because I told them I would not be available last week or this week because of all my school/moving obligations and that they could have me back next week. They pretty much ignored me. It's my fault because I shouldn't have let them, but in the end, here I am feeling overwhelmed. The motions I frantically wrote a couple days ago were one thing, but now I have to write a memo about bankruptcy stuff. Fraud bankruptcy stuff. That's how much I know about bankruptcy, which is why I am avoiding it. Which only makes it worse. I just have to get everything done and practice saying no. I think that my schedule will be full, but easily manageable starting next week. Now, how to get to next week...
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