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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sometimes I really appreciate my non law school friends, but sometimes I get really frustrated by how little they understand my life. For those of you who don't know me or haven't figured it out, I am not exactly one of those super studious law students. However, I still certain obligations because of the life I have chosen. During the school year I have to read. Right now, I have an actual job with actual expectations. That means sometimes I have to do some work on the weekend (at the coffee shop; my job isn't that rough). If I ever want my stupid paper to get published, I have to keep working on it. I have to go to journal meetings and I have to go to school and enter changes in articles, even in the summer. I don't dislike doing these things. I still have time to go out with friends; I have plenty of time to watch tv; I even read for fun on occasion. So, my point is, I have responsibilities that take up some of my time, but I genuinely feel that I have a reasonable balance to my life. Therefore, I do not appreciate non law school friends acting like it is unreasonable when I have to work or study. I do not get to be a lawyer with no effort. And I am undoubtedly going to be substantially busier when I am actually practicing. So stop giving me a hard time! If I hang out with you three times a week, I am really not neglecting our friendship.
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