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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Update time:

Golf - It was fun, but ugly. Actually, it was only kind of fun. The two guys in our group totally treated me and the other girl like we were in the way. They didn't even watch us hit the ball and kept driving off and losing us while we were hitting. But, it was still fun. I got to bond with the other girl, who I had barely spoken to before, which was cool. And it was fun to see what it was like to actually play since I had previously only been to a driving range. I can definitely see myself getting into golf. I even bought clubs on ebay for $97. (Now there's something I did not need to discover). So, the invitation to the driving range remains open.

Work - Still good, but I am so eager for school to start. I need a break. I need sleep. Even though I will be working part time, it will be so much less demanding. The partners are meeting next week to discuss whether to hire us permanently. Ahhhh....the anticipation! I am actually totally relaxed about it. I know they want to hire us if they decide they can afford to. And more importantly, I know that even they don't hire me, there will be other opportunities and things will work out somehow.

Boys - The guy who is leaving the country said he was going to stop in Columbus and see me for one evening, but he ended up not doing so. He said he left to travel cross country later than he planned and had to make up time and didn't end up stopping anywhere. I believe him, but I'm disappointed. But, given the circumstances, he was never a real prospect anyway. Coffee shop boy moved away last week. :( The guy from Friday night is moving away shortly, and I'm not sure what's up with that situation, but I don't especially care. I got a great, long email today from Brandon. He referred to himself as my friend. That probably shouldn't excite me so much. It just reassures me that I'm not harassing him, although I never really thought that. So, things have been slightly more interesting than normal, but that's not saying a lot.

School - I can't wait for it to start. I am actually kind of dreading one class because I got my grade for my summer class with that professor. For me to get the grade I got in that particular class I should have had to never show up. And I should have had to be openly offensive to the professor in class. And I did quite the opposite; I was fully prepared, participated a lot, quite literally performed as close to perfectly as I could imagine. I have never thought that before. And it was a 1 credit summer class! But I'm not going to mess up my whole schedule and drop a class I'm excited about on that basis. I don't think.
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