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Saturday, September 04, 2004

I am almost embarrassed to admit where I am. At this very moment I am at...Cup O Joe. I was going to go to the movies with my friend (after she talked me into it), but fortunately she decided she was too tired so I could get back to work on my clerkship stuff. So I decided to work here so I could have internet access. And it is a wonderful thing. And there is a cute guy here. And none of the people who talk to me incessantly at my coffee shop. Overall, I kind of like it here... Except for the 90 cent refills.

I am in shock when I stop and think about the time and money I am investing in applying for clerkships. The time is simply immeasurable. I started spending substantial time on it last spring, narrowing my lists, working on cover letters, doing all the preliminary sorts of stuff. That has continued all summer, and there always seems to be more to do. Then of course there is the never ending process of working on my writing sample/paper. And now that the process has progressed to within a couple days of mailing, my time is consumed by the details. I spent an hour and a half Friday morning checking that all my recommendation letters were in the box provided to me by career services, and then three more hours Friday night sorting them since they were in no apparent order. Today I went and bought a lot of envelopes. Turns out even though I had a box already, that appeared large, it didn't hold nearly enough envelopes. And I bought paper. And I bought ink. And I bought labels. It never ends. Tonight I am revising my primary writing sample for the last time before mailing. I will go get it copied tomorrow. Then all I have to do is finalize my cover letters, print, and sign them. They are about 98% ready to go, so I think I can realistically get everything done before Tuesday morning. If I had not started on all this months ago, I would probably be giving up right now. I almost want to give up when I think about the cost of sending all this. I'm estimating the first round of 200 applications costing me about $400 in mailing costs, plus the $80 or so I have spent on related supplies. I have about 260 judges on my second list, so that's another $520+. This is one huge investment for an unlikely return. But just like with real investments, I am (relatively) young and I can afford to go for the high yield.

Good luck to everyone else who is applying.
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