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Thursday, September 09, 2004

I have finally retaken first place in my fantasy league. After at least a month in second, this is just the position I want to be in as the season comes to an end. If anyone has any suggestions of players to pick up to help my ERA or WHIP, let me know. Those are my worst categories, and also the only ones where I have any real chance of picking up points.

I am having a weird moment of insecurity. In my prosecution practicum, it feels like everyone else has lots of cases and I don't. That leads me to believe that everyone is asking each other to be co-counsel and not asking me. Either that or the professors don't like/trust me and are giving all the cases to everyone else. Both are silly, especially since I have one of the few cases that is very likely to go to trial, but I am still thinking these dumb things. Okay, I'm over it now. I just had to express my stupid thoughts. [Update: Not only was I being stupid and insecure, but I was also entirely wrong. Always good to have a little reality to counteract paranoia.]
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