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Saturday, October 16, 2004

I am about to go spend the the entire day at school doing journal work. Yuck. Although in a way the silence of the journal office on the weekends is kind of relaxing. At least it is an away game today, so I will be able to park.

My life is becoming remarkably more entertaining since I started rethinking my anti-dating policy. I'm still nowhere near wanting to be in a serious relationship, but I am more open minded to that someday being a possibility. My more sober assessment of Wednesday night is that it was a lot of fun to see Brandon again, the dynamics between us were almost the same which was cool, and I am optimistic that I will see him again soon. It was definitely not an accident that he invited me to meet him either. Other than the drama of my patience plan seeing results, the other drama is that I may have a Secret Man. Well, actually I do, but I'm not sure what's going to happen. He is a Secret (as am I) because of our mutual friendship with another person who probably couldn't handle knowing-although she conciously pushed us together. Obviously, secrecy can only last so long and is bound to make the other person even more upset, so depending on how things progress, I don't intend to keep it secret too long.

At last I am going to link to Buckeye Law Guy. Especially now that I know who he is and that he is a fellow OSJCLer. However, if he doesn't add a link to OSJCL (since he has one to Law Journal!), I'm going to be mad, and give him bad assignments. I should also link to Banners of My Own Choosing. I'm so lazy about linking.
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