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Friday, October 29, 2004

I stood for 7 hours, but it was so worth it. Sure, they made me switch lines after an hour and the power went out with no explanation right at that point where I thought I was going to die of dehydration, but it was AWESOME! I could have done without Mary Jo Kilroy's pathetic self-promotion and truly awful jokes, but other than her, I thought all the local politicians' speeches were decent, with Fingerhut definitely being the standout (other that Michael Coleman, who is not up for reelection). I really appreciated how they kept repeating the candidates for judge since so many people ignore those races. But in the end, the night was about Kerry and hope for the future of America! I believe! And I am completely in love with Bruce Springsteen after tonight! How could I have never even really listened to his music? He is a true patriot and an amazing musician. And Kerry was great. Kind of funny, hit on virtually every issue, totally inspiring. I think he has the potential to be the best president yet in my lifetime...although that's not such a huge challenge. I seriously left almost in tears. Between the Boss and the future president of the United States, it was just too much. I am so glad I went.
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