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Monday, October 25, 2004

If I didn't really like law school I would go crazy. Journal in particular has been extraordinarily demanding for the last couple of weeks. Especially due to a certain professor... But that is substantially more under control at the moment so I'm feeling better. My externship has also become really frustrating in the last few weeks. The two silly annoyances are one of the other externs (who is frighteningly clueless about law) and the guy who "helps out." The only real issue is that I have been working on a project that I really need more guidance on, but no one has the time (or maybe the desire) to guide me. And my job has become somewhat frustrating too, because I am only there part time. I either have way too much to do, or absolutely nothing. For example, tomorrow morning I will get there at 8am but I will literally have nothing to do. And there won't even be any attorneys there that early to give me work. I don't want them to overwork me when I have so many other responsibilities, but I want to stay busy. At least I still totally like working there. As I have had absolutely no luck with clerkships (yet?), I have been thinking about how I feel about going directly to work and I am genuinely excited about it, so that's good.

As some of the previous posts have hinted, my personal life has been a bit hectic lately too. After the fabulous evening watching the debate with Brandon, we have continued to email, although we haven't seen each other again. We may go to training together for election day though... As for the secret guy, let's call him Dylan. There may actually be some sort of warped potential with Dylan, but I'm not sure and I'm not sure I want there to be, so I'm just going to see what happens.
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