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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hate, hate, hate blogger. But anyway.

Right now I am sitting at home drinking a beer in the mid-afternoon before going to class. Normally I wouldn't do that (or at least admit it in writing), but we are going to be drinking in class anyway. Plus I needed it. My landlord just made me cry. Don't even ask. It was just because I cry when I get mad. And I didn't cry in front of anyone, although my hands were shaking so much I could barely sign my rent check.

I got an email from Dylan today, so I am smiley again. It was just a silly email, not some gushy, girly email, but that's enough to tell me that things are at least relatively normal between us. And he sent me art. Art makes me happy.

Tomorrow I have my last class of the semester (besides a class trip to a bar Thursday), and I am so happy. Everything went well this semester, but I am just kind of bored at this point. It will be kind of nice to pretty much just work for a month. Make some money, use my brain a little. And since I will be working so much more, I can get away with going in later, which is nice.

I am having internal scheduling conflicts about next semester. Right now I am enrolled in sales. That sounds like such a practical class to take. Which of course means I totally don't want to. I am on the waiting list for crim pro which meets at the same time. I am sure I would like that class, and I am pretty sure the professor will do whatever he can to get me in (plus it is fairly likely I will get in anyway). So, there is really no issue about sales; I'm dropping it. The issue is if I get into crim pro. I will want to take it, but if I don't it will mean that I don't start class on Monday and Wednesday until 5PM, Tuesday until 4PM, and Thursday until 2PM, with no class at all on Friday. How awesome is that schedule? This is possible because I got 9 credits over the last two summers. That schedule would allow me to easily work 20 hours per week ($$!!) and to volunteer at an awesome place during my other free time. Now, I can still do both even if I take crim pro, but it will be fewer hours, more driving, more hassle, and another exam. What should I do? Right now, if I get into crim pro, I am leaning towards taking it. This is my last chance to focus on learning after all. It's just like restaurants; too many choices and I can't handle it. Forget 31 flavors; let's stick with the three flavors of presumptions. (Sorry, bad crim pro humor a la Professor Michaels). |
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