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Monday, November 22, 2004

Today, right before class started, I hear "Do you know who all the OSU bloggers are?" "Do you know who law v. life is?" I didn't look up, but I heard Chris say yes and someone else say, "She's in this room." It was a slightly awkward moment, and kind of funny. I don't try to be secretive or mysterious, but I don't advertise my identity either. I'm way too afraid of having my name associated with this blog online. Not because of anything in particular that I write, but just because it is always risky, especially in a professional sense. Just the other day I saw a newspaper clipping on the desk of the senior partner at my firm with the headline "Bloggers Beware." My heart was pounding throughout our entire meeting. So the moral is, if anyone wants to know who I am, and promises not to publish it online, just email me and ask (or ask Chris). I'm not ashamed, just a little cautious. |
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