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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Tomorrow morning I am flying to a funeral, so I don't really know when I'll be posting again for a few days although I am sure I'll find a way to have internet access while I'm gone. The last two days have been insane because I had to get so much done before leaving town. Basically it has all been journal. I feel like I am leaving so much important work behind, but I should trust that everyone else can handle things without me for three days. I really hope that I don't get kicked off the fun new project at work because I'm gone. I don't think that will happen, but it will be very disappointing if it does. At last I am excited about work again and I don't want to lose that.

The drama in my life only continues. Things continue to be fun with Dylan. My friend is acting all wounded because we haven't told her every detail, but she needs to learn that she isn't entitled and that other people have a right to privacy. She'll get over it. Did I mention the prosecutor from election day? Well there was one (from another state). He helped me briefly forget my sorrows. Anyway, he called me last night which was very unexpected and strange, but kind of nice. I might see him in like a month and a half when I go visit a friend in the city where he lives, so that could be an amusing diversion. Did I also mention that I saw Brandon on election night? I did. It was cool, but even I am running out of patience for the flirty emails. For now I'll stick with Dylan, at least when he isn't working. ;)
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