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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Unlike some people, the end of the semester is kind of filling me with a sense of relief. Mostly because I am looking forward to sleeping a lot in December.

One huge relief is that although our journal is still not at the publisher, it will be soon. That means we all have a little time to relax. Of course there is still work to do, since the next issue is already well underway, but nothing is urgent right now.

I only have one exam, which I definitely need to start preparing for, but at least it is the only one. And fortunately I have a full week off (from school) prior to the exam. I have one paper, but I already had to write a draft over a month ago, so that shouldn't require too much more work. I have one final case to prosecute which is scheduled for pretrial next Monday. And I desperately need to finish up my externship projects, but that will happen.

The only thing I really need to work on seriously, which will be the focus of this weekend and beyond, is working on my infamous note. It's been 11 months, and it is time for it to be finished. It has been fun to write (most days), but also very frustrating. I think the biggest challenge has been writing what I want to write, not what the professors want me to write, and even moreso, figuring out exactly what it is that I want to write.

And for anyone who wants a boy update, the other night my best friend, let's call her Brenda, decided we had to talk about what was going on with me and Dylan. It was a brief conversation because I refused to overanalyze, but it left me feeling sick. It is one thing to be having fun and think maybe I'm starting to like him, it's another thing to actually talk about it. But in the spirit of not analyzing, I am trying not to think too much, and when I see him tomorrow I am confident it will be fun and unmeaningful like I want it to be. |
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