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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I am having lots of computer problems of varying sorts. Please, someone, help me. Most annoying is that for the last week, about 75% of the time when I go online at home I cannot open any websites. AOL opens fine; I can email; I can IM; but I can't actually do anything else. What is going on??? Also, this past semester I took the law of cyberspace seminar, which you might think would only improve my computer knowledge/use. In the first or second week we were casually talking about various computer scanning software and people recommended good programs. Having been previously indoctrinated into the paranoia of cybersecurity, I already kind of did this stuff, but not that frequently. So, I diligently started scanning my computer (and also got updated virus protection, again). And ever since, there are so many pop-ups that I virtually cannot use my computer. This is especially a problem when I'm using wireless, but it is a problem even at home. I'm close to paying someone to make this stop, if that's possible.

On to non-complaining topics...

My one and only exam is done as of 4:30 yesterday. It wasn't bad at all, but in law school that doesn't mean anything. What it means is that everyone thought it was easy, so grades will be completely unpredictable. I much prefer (no, I don't) harder exams, where at least you have some idea how you did in comparison, even if it is bad. Now I desperately need to finish my seminar paper. I don't have that much to do, and yet I do. This isn't a seminar where I can turn in something that is not 100% polished. I care too much about what individual professors think of me. Of course that works in reverse if I take courses from professors I don't like, but I've stopped doing that. My goal is to have my paper finished by Thursday night, because I am going out of town Friday morning. But there is always the possibility that I could end up working on the plane. I would just really like the freedom of leaving my computer at home for three days.

And speaking of those three days... It is just bizarre that the out-of-town prosecutor is so excited to see me. Hello. I live in Ohio. It is completely random that he is getting to see me again at all, and such randomness is unlikely to repeat itself. I may very well go visit my friend again, but generally I only make it to see her about once a year, so he shouldn't hold his breath. But I shouldn't complain. It will be fun. And at least I have someone to pick me up from the airport. |
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