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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No more classes! Of course, the next couple of weeks will be far more demanding than the last fourteen, but it is a fabulous feeling not to have class again for over a month. I talked to my best friend tonight and told her I was done with classes and her very predictable response was, "so then you have nothing to do, right?" It makes me crazy. You know what I have to do? I have to study. I have to rewrite a paper. I have to revise my note some more. I have to work. A lot. I have to get ready for my Christmas party. I have to get my hair cut. I have to buy Christmas gifts. I have to do all the things I am too busy to do when I have classes. And I have to sleep.

I am so annoyed at blogger, like usual. Monday I wrote a semi-substantive post which vanished as soon as I hit publish. And now I can't even remember what it was about. Obviously it wasn't that substantive. I guess as long as my permalinks don't disappear again I shouldn't complain.

Tonight I am on my way to Franklin Park Conservatory for a candelight vigil in honor of World AIDS day. I haven't been to the conservatory in years, so this should be an interesting way to see it again. There is a brand new exhibit, and the conservatory always has a different feel at night, which will only be more dramatic given the occasion. |
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