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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well, I am back to my regular routine. Get up too early (but not as early as intended), go to work, check my email, read every single MSN homepage news story (except some about cars, but especially the celebrity gossip), check my email, work on whatever assignment is most urgent, get another more urgent assignment, check my email, work on the more urgent assignment, get a phone call from my best friend desperately needing to discuss some romantic crisis that consists of “He kind of seemed grumpy yesterday,” finish the more urgent assignment, check my email, go get lunch at my very favorite lunch place, or if it’s too cold, get soup downstairs, eat at my desk, repeat until it’s time to leave. This routine is of course the non-school routine. School only alters it by adding in somewhere, go to class for fifty minutes, check my email, listen, don’t take notes, check my email. I like routines.

I got an email from the prosecutor I saw over the weekend (actually I've gotten four since I left, but there is only one that is the subject of what I’m about to write). How can guys be so offensive without even trying? He wrote me an email that for his sake I am assuming was written when he was drunk that seriously confused me by its complete classlessness. And I don’t expect that much. Really. I wasn’t upset by it at all, just disappointed, as usual. It wasn’t even anything that if he had real dating potential (i.e., lived here), I would especially hold against him. I would just need to gently instruct him on what is and is not appropriate. This has made me think I may need to slightly expand my list of requirements to: taller than me, non-smoking, a sixth-grade level of refinement (that’s the addition). I have officially decided that I want to "date" someone. The interaction with various boys over the last few months has been fun, and I would like to have fun consistently. By "date," I mean see someone on a regular basis and have an open mind that it could be a good thing. I do not mean fall in love. In fact, I was just thinking that I can’t even imagine/remember what it feels like to be in love or what it is someone does that tricks you into thinking you’re in love. I genuinely don’t believe I’m jaded, just sufficiently wounded to be disbelieving. But my outlook is moving in a positive direction, I think. |
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