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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I have now had each of my classes at least once. I think it is going to be a reasonably challenging semester. I think crim pro will be the hardest. I had forgotten just how demanding Dressler is. He expects a level of analysis when he asks a casual question in class that many students (including myself) will never be capable of. It's why he is such a good professor, but it is also absolutely terrifying. White collar crime should be fine. Relatively interesting, but nothing memorable. We are doing this silly thing where we form "firms" of four students and then the professor calls on the firm in class and anyone can answer. It's an experiment. For the "firm" I'm in, I don't think it will really affect how any of us prepare for class. We have to make up a name for our firm too. The pressure to be clever is overwhelming. Trial practice is the big question mark for the semester. I will be anxious until I know who my partner is. We can choose our own partners for our final trial, which, in theory, is a good thing. Except I don't feel comfortable asking anyone. I know which people I kind of hope ask me, but I'm not counting on it. Basically there is one person I don't want to work with (as in, nearly suicide inducing), but other than that I don't care too much. Once it is settled I will be much happier. My only other class is legal profession which is going to be incredibly boring, and feels especially pointless since I have already passed the MPRE. Overall, I am definitely glad to be back in class, and really kind of sad to know that soon I will never be in school again. |
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