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Sunday, January 02, 2005

In the last few weeks I have been making one final set of revisions to my note. Final in that I feel that a full year of effort is about all I have in me. And final in that if they are not willing to publish it when we return to school next week, it will simply be too late. As I began working on this latest draft, I admit I was feeling a little discouraged, even a little hopeless. Realistically I still feel that way regarding publication. But, every time I really work on my note I get excited all over again. I feel passionately about my topic. I absolutely love the articles I read for background. And I love the ones I come across that are completely unrelated, but still absolutely fascinating. I just absolutely love criminal law. I love the distinction between justification and excuse. I love the depths of mens rea. I love the question of the effectiveness of various punishments (I wish, wish, wish I had the ability/understanding to do empirical studies, but we leave that to the sociologists and those sort). I love that every minute detail that criminal law scholars debate can have an actual effect on people's lives, as well as on our understanding of right and wrong, moral culpability, and the role of the justice system. It is all truly awesome. I had better get back to work now. |
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