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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's probably about time for a boy update. Most interesting is that I received an email from Brandon. I hadn't heard from him in nearly two months, and had mostly written him off. Apparently he has tied up some loose ends which is liberating. Hmmm... I am smart enough not to expect anything out of him, but dumb enough to still get excited by the email. I'm writing him back tomorrow. Dylan and I are probably 99% back to being friendly as though nothing (good or bad) ever happened, which is precisely where I want us to be. And the prosecutor thinks he is coming to visit me. Sometimes it scares me to think about how transparent my identity would be if any of these boys ever read this. Brandon would be the most likely to, and the one who it would be most embarrassing to have do so. But then I think, oh well. I have friends and strangers to entertain with my non-dating stories. |
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