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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The silence over the weekend was due to a visit by a certain long distance prosecutor. It was a remarkably fun weekend. It was like having a pretend boyfriend for two days, with hand-holding and everything. Kind of nice to see that I could enjoy that. And now tonight I have a blind date...bizarre.

And as for the law... I am still working out what I think about Booker, Fanfan, etc. The coolest thing is that last week I start working on federal criminal matters, so it is actually my job to research and analyze this stuff. My very first assignment was: "Have you heard of this Professor Berman? And his blog? Go read everything he has written and linked to since Booker was decided." How cool is that? And not the simple assignment they thought, either. God, I love criminal law.

Today in crim pro I was actually feeling stress over the fact that I cannot decide precisely what my views are on the relationship between the reasonableness clause and the warrant clause of the 4th Amendment. That is just not normal. I wasn't worried because I wouldn't know what to say in class; I was genuinely concerned about not having a fully formed opinion for my own benefit. This stuff just matters so much. I am really enjoying the class so far, despite the pressure of having Dressler as a professor. The silly thing is that even after all this time, I am still nervous about raising my hand for fear of sounding stupid or being asked a question I can't answer. Law school does that to some people, but honestly that's how I've always been. Sometimes, often even, I am able to get past that, but the fear of failure is definitely one of the driving forces in my life. Isn't that positive? I guess, as I was told in trial practice yesterday, this is the time it is safe to make mistakes.

Anyway, final analysis of my current state of being: Several boys are entertaining me, and I still love law school. |
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