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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Anyone who sits near me in class knows how many problems my computer has been giving me lately. Or, I guess, anyone who reads all my complaining on here. Well, I finally couldn't take it anymore. So Wednesday I bought the most beautiful new Sony VAIO ever. But it had a defective hard drive, so I had to return it. That got me to slow down a little bit, and I allowed myself to be convinced to make the switch to Mac. My father will be so proud. Yesterday at work I said I was going to go to the Apple store at Easton and if there was (1) a helpful, but non-pushy salesperson, who (2) was preferably a somewhat cute guy, and he (3) told me not to buy the most expensive thing, I would go for it. And that is precisely how it worked out. So I am now the owner of an iBook G4 (because he wouldn't even let me look at the fancier ones). And I was able to upgrade the memory, get a service plan (I know...), and get the microsofft Mac software all for less than the VAIO. I am having a very hard time getting used to it so far, but I'm sure I'll adjust. At least there appear to be no pop-ups and it's not shutting down randomly. But figuring everything out is way too good of an excuse to put off work. |
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