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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I am so completely overextended, but so far I think I am handling it okay. I don't think I'm letting anyone down or doing a bad job. But I can feel it. I feel constantly tense just trying to remember everything I need to do. I can barely remember what day it is anymore, although the busier I get, the more I need to keep track of. I don't think I need to give up any of my commitments, but I need to really focus if I'm not going to screw anything up. I am so glad I had enough sense not to be involved in any student organizations this year, or I would really be going crazy. Remarkably, journal is one of the least stressful things at the moment. It demands a lot of my time as usual, but things are going so smoothly right now that it makes me a little nervous. In fact, I have this fantasy of sending it to the publisher early. My many jobs are stressful only in that they demand my time. I find myself fantasizing about sleep, but work prevents that. And I have just taken on one more time consuming project, but that will be over in 3 1/2 weeks. That new project is that I am making my return to the stage! Okay, so that's a little overly dramatic, but what do you expect from an actress? I'm in this one act play being produced by Legal Aid about teen dating violence. So it's not a big deal, but for me, performing again is awesome. The play is being performed March 3rd and 5th, a friend is coming to visit the following weekend, and then a week later is spring break...so I can sleep then. That's only like 6 weeks away. |
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