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Monday, March 28, 2005

I'm back, and not really functional. I can't believe I went to class until 7pm on basically no sleep. I think I'm about to go to bed. Life never stops, even for a girl with jet lag. |

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Today is my final day of vacation, and I got up at 6am to participate in one of my fantasy drafts. Everything was going smoothly until I had about 30 seconds left to make my 14th pick. Just as I was about to make my pick, the little rainbow thing that is the Mac version of the hourglass started spinning...and would not stop. So I quit AOL and tried reconnecting. No good. I tried again. All I could do was sit and watch as the computer picked for me. Not only did I have no control over my last 8 picks, but I also slowed down the process because the computer won't pick for you until you minute and a half is up. Even with some of the random people I got at the end, I'm fairly pleased with my team. There will be definite adjustments to those last few though. My other draft is Tuesday night, so hopefully it will go more smoothly.

Other than the draft drama, my vacation has been awesome. The first three days were really rainy, so I didn't get to have the true San Diego experience until Friday. But I had a nice time working on school stuff overlooking the ocean while it was raining. I also got to see a wonderful friend who moved to California recently. Friday we went for the longest bike ride ever. The plan was to ride "around the bay." That made me nervous enough, but then it turned into, "let's just ride over to this bar," and then after a few drinks, "let's ride all the way down the beach and back." Overall, there was between 2-3 hours of actual riding. It was a lot of fun actually, but I definitely needed to stop sooner than we did. Yesterday was even more fun. 14 people took a limo to the vineyards in Temecula. We started drinking about 10:30am, and were anywhere from tipsy to barely able to stand when we actually arrived at the first vineyard at noon. I was one of the few who was sober enough to somewhat taste the differences in the wines. By the time we were on our way home, everyone was totally wasted, singing Bon Jovi at the top of our lungs, and taking pictures that probably are of the ceiling of the limo. It was great. Today about 10 people are coming over to my cousin's house for Easter, which should be fun and relaxing. It will be nice to spend my last day lounging by a pool before I return to Columbus. Maybe I will even return slightly tanned. |

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Greetings from the Philadelphia airport! I am enjoying my four hour layover by working on the very last draft of my note. I intend to put a fair amount of energy into it over break, but then I am officially done, no matter what. I just paid $29.95 to be able to access the internet 5 times in 180 days over the AT&T wireless provider. I would feel ripped off if being online at the airport didn't make me so happy. I love technology. I also love first class. This morning I had these delicious little chocolate creme filled things that were kind of like a generic version of those Pepperidge Farm pirouette stick things, or whatever they're called. Anyway, they were good. And this next flight is almost six hours, so I will get to fully enjoy all the perks, and all the snacks. I never drink on planes, but if it's free, maybe I should. One funny thing was that, including myself, and being kind, the average age in first class this morning was about 55. So much for fantasies of meeting some hot, rich guy who wants to fly me around in first class for the rest of my life. I've flown first class several times before, so at least I didn't have my hopes up. It's usually a bunch of old men and pilots and some giddy old lady who got bumped from a coach flight. I'm going to spend this flight preparing for my fantasy baseball drafts, finally finishing the novel I started over Christmas break, and eating fancy snacks. |

Monday, March 21, 2005

High of 65 and rainy? Rainy?? I'm not going to San Diego for rainy. This is not making me happy. But I am really excited to be going on vacation even if it's rainy. Sometimes an escape is just what a girl needs. |

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I joined Jeremy Blachman's fantasy baseball league. Last year I was one of the readers who actually enjoyed his random baseball commentary and fantasy talk. I've been playing fantasy baseball for years now, but haven't been in a league with anyone I know since 1999. I don't actually know Jeremy, but I figure virtual trash talking with a persona I know is more fun than just being in some random anonymous league. Of course, I also joined a random public league, because I figure those people might be weaker competitors and I will have a better chance at winning. You might think that would make it mean less, but it doesn't really.

[I would have linked to Jeremy above, but since I got my Mac, there is no little icon to insert a link, and I don't know how to do it myself] |

Saturday, March 19, 2005

It is officially spring break, at last. :) I have lots of work to do, but I don't mind at all, because it is just such a relief not to have any specific obligations. Plus in a few days I will be in San Diego, where a little more sun will make doing work much more tolerable. Now, I intend to just relax for the rest of the weekend, watch basketball, and keep planning my after-the-bar trip. |

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have been so busy for the past week, that I have completely lost track of any sense of what day or time it is. I have felt like that often enough before, but never so completely. Work is the most overwhelming it has ever been. They expect me to complete multiple urgent projects instantly, while refusing to acknowledge that since I only work like 12 hours per week, that is simply not possible. No matter how much I try to communicate with them, the just expect miracles. I don't think it would be difficult at all if I was working full time, but as it is, I am left feeling frustrated and depressed, and end up so overwhelmed that I can hardly function at all. We also had our journal symposium this past Thursday and Friday. It was about the intersection of science and law regarding the culpability of children. There was a lot of anxiety leading up to it, but everything went smoothly. But it was completely exhausting. Especially since we went out with one of the speakers Thursday night, and that didn't conclude until 3am. And just being "on" all day for two days is tiring in itself. But it was interesting, and well worth the energy. As soon as I dropped three speakers off at the airport Friday afternoon, I picked a friend up at the airport, and have been entertaining since. She is sleeping now, after quite a night last night (dinner and drinks, lesbian dance bar - very, very not my thing, kissing the hottest guy I have ever spoken to, crazy, drunken episode by my friend...), so I am finally having a much needed interlude of silence. But of course, all I can think is that I should be doing my crim pro reading, although I will probably put that off until tonight. And now my mind is beginning to race with the other dozens of things I need to do... :( |

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I just filled out my supplemental character and fitness application for the bar. I was dreading it since the first one was such a hassle, but it wasn't so bad. The first one, on the other hand, was awful. It is not designed for someone who, even at 25, had lived at probably 20 addresses since age 18, and had even more jobs. They should really re-think the purpose of the application. It is basically a memory/record keeping test, not a test of character or fitness to practice law. Now I just need to actually go turn my application in (after I get that other form back from the registrar). Hopefully I will do a better job with this than with the passport application I have had in my trunk for nine months. My excuse for that is that I have been waiting for a day when I think I will look good in my passport picture. I should get over that, especially if I want to go to Europe this summer. Hopefully I will turn both in within the next couple of weeks. Then I can be a lawyer and a world traveller. |

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The silent singer has been replaced by a couple that needs to get a room. And the guy needs to keep his elbow off my table. And the girl needs to learn moderation in the application of perfume. |
Right now I am working at Cup O' Joe. The guy at the end of my table is enjoying the music he is listening to way too much. I understand listening to music on your headphones and unconsciously mouthing words a little bit. You might be slightly embarrassed if someone noticed, but it's almost a natural thing to do from time to time. But this guy is violently mouthing the words. This is the sort of thing one should only do alone in his bedroom or when drunk with friends. It isn't even funny to watch; I just feel like I need to avert my eyes. I know, I'm overly judgmental, but some people make it so hard not to be. |

Friday, March 04, 2005

I may have a new crush. On a lawyer. Single, right age range, cute, not at my firm, does noble work. Perfect. |

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I just read the program for the PILF auction like four times. I am so disappointed that I can't go. I have class through virtually the whole thing. It was a lot of fun the last two years, and this year they have substantially better items up for bid. Lots of the silent auction items are awesome, not just $5 gift certificates and bobbleheads. And the final auctioneer, rather than being a professional (and law student) who is just not right for the setting, is my very favorite professor. Oh, I'm missing all the fun. But I have to say, some of the auction items leave me wondering just who is going to actually pay for these items. For example, one live auction item is being privately serenaded by a 2L. No matter how amazingly talented he may be, the only reasons I can think of to bid on that are if you have a crush on him or if you are his friend and want to somehow use it to humiliate him. But I may be wrong; the money is going to a good cause. And then there is lunch for one with some random attorney in Toledo. Now, I suppose if you are from Toledo and are looking for a job in the attorney's particular field, this could be potentially useful. But probably not. Probably it will just be an awkward lunch for two in Toledo. One thing I am pleased by is Professor Michaels and Davies taking students to Alana's, which I think is probably one of the three best restaurants in Columbus. Quite a few other professors have branched out from the overrated Mitchell's as well this year. And then there's all the home cooking. Great in theory, but I would be nervous spending a couple hundred dollars on a meal that may be amazing or may be not so amazing. Even if I wouldn't end up winning anything, I really wish I could go. Do you think I can text message my bids? |